Have you noticed how abusive we can be with our things sometimes?

For instance: your computer helps you work, study and relax, but when it takes a couple extra seconds to load, we immediately think: “ugh… what a piece of crap”.

Our things deserve better.

CareCube is an attempt to change the way we value and treat our electronics, to enrich their worth beyond their price and create a nurturing attitude towards them.

It sits on your desk and acts as a soft reminder to take care of your gadgets, while providing the tools and instructions to do it properly.

The sides are modular, made out of birch plywood and joined by magnets; the tools are not permanently attached, to enable easy replacement and responsible disposal. It includes a safe screen cleaner and its optical cloth storage, a container for DIY cleaning slime, and a 2-side cable cleaner.

You want to design the sixth tool? You can! This is an open hardware project which means that the building instructions and all other specifications are readily available, so come and join the discussion!

The main purpose of this project is to encourage people to create a deeper connection with their objects, to replace them less frequently and appreciate them beyond utilitarian concepts of value.